The email list for EIC/e+A discussions and announcements is: eic-bnl-l. To subscribe go to: Once subscribed you can send emails to the list using eic-bnl-l<AT> (replace <AT> by '@').


If you have any questions please contact the current e+A working group conveners: Vadim Guzey (vguzey<AT>, Dave Morrison (dave<AT>, Thomas Ullrich (tu<AT>, or Raju Venegopalan (raju<AT>


More contact addresses can be found on the EIC Collaboration home page.

BNL (local)

EIC seminar speakers and vistors should contact:
   Rachel Inguanta
   Phone: +1 631 344-3500
   EMail: irachel<AT>
Visitors and seminar speakers need to download the Notice of Seminar Travel Request Form and return it to Rachel. This form is needed 45 days before your arrival to BNL unless you have a valid GIS form.

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